August 28, 2011

Hurricane (non)survival kit

Looks like Miss Irene didn't wreak that much havoc on Boston -- lucky for me since my hurricane survival kit consisted of coffee, donuts, pancakes, and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow nail polish. So while I'm well-fed, pampered, and over-caffeinated, I don't think my preparations would've gotten me too far in the case of a real emergency. (Though I feel a powdered sugar doughnut would still come handy.)


  1. Right. I prepared with copious amounts of wine, cheese and ice cream. If we had been without power, all we would have had to live on would have been the wine, which would have made for an...entertaining few days. But! Not a blip of power outages, so the cheese and ice cream were happily consumed, to the chagrin of my waistline but not my tastebuds.