October 5, 2011

Fall makeup obsessions

I have a minor makeup obsession. I can literally spend hours in a makeup store just admiring all the beautiful colors and fun new products. It's just so pretty! And this season, I can't keep my eyes off of:
  • Dramatic lash. All my life I've wanted Bette Davis Eyes. At first it was because that song rules but then I realized that Bette Davis' eyes are beyond gorgeous. And I plan on mastering the look this fall. (Image)
  • Burgundy lip. I'm a huge fan of lipstick, and though it requires a ton of maintenance, if you're not planning on eating or drinking or kissing, there's no better way to add major drama. (Image)
  • Gold eyes. This definitely reminds me of makeup I had in middle school -- in the best kind of way. With a high bun, some nude lips, and tons of mascara, gold liner can be chic. (Image)

Hey, at least makeup is cheaper than clothes!  


  1. LOVE that picture with the teal eyeliner. Have you tried Mac's Fluidline? I have it in "Jadeye" -- I think it's super close to the picture -- and it goes on really easily and looks awesome! It's cheaper than Elizabeth Arden, too!

  2. I've used a green-ish eye liner before. It looked HOT. This reminds me that I need to go get some more, since my pencil is just a little stub now...

  3. Just remembered I have a pic of my Mac liner! http://www.rawphotodesign.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/boston-ma-engagement-photos-014.jpg SO close to the same color, right?! (I was also wearing lime green eyeshadow, though, which may have tinted it a bit.)

  4. Your eyes are seriously perfect in that photo -- I should've included it in this mashup!

  5. Lately I've definitely been rocking the dramatic lash and dark lips. It's just so easy!!