November 25, 2011

A wonderful Thanksgiving

Me and the moms.
So you know those great tips I had for Thanksgiving hostesses? Yeah. I failed to listen to them for the first half of the day. I was frazzled and in dirty yoga pants all morning. But around noon, I regrouped and reread my own post. And guess what? It worked! Not only was dinner fantastic -- thanks to me accepting help from my awesome brother -- but I was showered, dressed, and relaxed (thanks to tip #9). 

So perhaps I do know what I'm talking about after all!

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with delicious foods, wonderful people, and laughter.  

Lots of laughter.

My brother, Kevin!


  1. Looks like a success! Congrats and happy thanksgiving!

  2. YAY! I'm so glad it went well :) And you look mahvelous dahling.

  3. Adorable! I wish I looked half as cute as you did on Thanksgiving when I was helping prepare food. I was definitely in yoga pants too! (Except I didn't change out of them until I was with company). I'll definitely have to read your post of Thanksgiving tips and remember for next year (or really whenever I have company over..always a mess beforehand).