February 8, 2012

I'm just going to run

I've decided to run at least one race every month this year (except for January -- but we don't talk about January).

I'm pretty excited since it's a fun way to take my running to the next level. I started the goal on the right foot (pun intended) by running a 5-miler in Cambridge this past Super Bowl Sunday. It was freezing at the start (hence why I'm sitting in my car in that top photo) but it was the perfect precursor to a day of gorging.

Here's my tentative schedule for the rest of 2012 (I'm still looking for a few races so suggestions are much appreciated!):


  1. Yay for running three of those with you! Also, love the hockey stick in the back of the car haha :)

    1. Yay! And of course. Jack always keeps a hockey stick in the car. You know, in case of a hockey emergency.

  2. You should come do the Peachtree Road Race in July!!