February 28, 2012

Write stuff

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Way back in the 90s, I had a floral print diary named Flowers. I'm not quite sure why I didn't think of a more creative name -- or why I even named it in the first place -- but regardless, I started each entry with Dear Flowers. I told Flowers ALL of my 8 year old secrets, such as "my mom is mad at me" and "I want the Power Rangers movie for Christmas" (I secretly LOVED Power Rangers for an extremely long time. As you can probably tell, I was a super cool kid.)

I haven't kept a diary -- or as adults call it, a journal -- in years. Lately, though, as a way to deal with stress (and per Jack's recommendation), I've started writing down random stuff.  It's just nonsensical thoughts but I'm loving it -- it's super soothing and it gets me out of my own head.

I have a pretty green notebook with sliver polka dots (named Dots) that I write in, but since I'm going through multiple pages daily (my mind is a scary place), I'm going to need a book soon. I've been searching for a worthy replacement, and while I'm not sure which one I'm going with just yet, I am excited there is a grownup version of Flowers available.

Do you guys keep journals? Did you have diary as a child? Do you sometimes write dairy instead of diary?


  1. Awww, that's ADORABLE! You were such a creative kid! My diary was just named "diary."

  2. Oh my god. I had this awesome comment ready but then I totally forgot all of it. I ALWAYS WRITE DAIRY INSTEAD OF DIARY.

  3. As a kid, I would always start a journal and then give it up pretty quickly. When I was in Italy I kept a travel journal, but then when I was England I didn't. So I don't know. haha I keep a moleskin around for when I'm having rough times. Actually today has been kind of bad and this has inspired me to go get that moleskin and let it have it. Plus I want to write down some things I just remembered about Paris, and I don't think I've written them down. I want a scary "Notebook" phase in my old age where some man is reading a book to me constructed by old journals.

    1. Yeah! After I die, I want someone to find my journals and be like WOW! She lived a crazy life. Though, as of right now, they will just think -- damn that girl crazy!