April 2, 2012

Things I forgot to tell you in March

1. I got bangs. My hair's so now. (That's an obscure quote from Legally Blonde. I'm a huge fan of Elle Woods. Naturally.)

2. I ran a half marathon the day after St. Patrick's Day -- with very little training. My time was 1:48:47, which is only one minute slower than my PR from a year ago (and I trained my booty off for that race). I'm now aiming to run a 1:45 at the end of May (8 min/mile pace) before going pro.

3. Peggy Sue went in her for second (and final) round of heartworm treatments. She had to spend the night at the vet and her absence confused the shit out of the other two mammals, who cuddled for comfort. She's doing well and -- fingers crossed -- life will return to normal in 28 days.

4. I finally bought a juicer. It's beyond fantastic. I've been drinking green juices daily and I'm convinced it will make me the healthiest, most glowing version of myself. After all, every single celebrity worth her wrinkle creams touts the benefits of juicing.

5. I haven't been to the dentist in over a year. My insurance changed, which means I have to go through the entire hassle of finding a new dentist. And that sucks. That's probably way too embarrassing of a fact to share, and you're all judging me and my dirty teeth right now, but I figured if I told the world, it would force me to get off my lazy bum and find a new dentist.


  1. my favorite sentence of yours was the very first one. HAHA. it was incredibly cute.

    it was a year resolution for me to run a marathon before or by 2013. i'm sure i could learn a lot from you. i can run for about 20 minutes without dying right now. in 3 more months i'm supposed to be able to run for a solid hour straight. yikes.

  2. You can SO do it in Hyannis! I have so much faith in you! And I told my sister I need a juicer...so maybe she'll actually get it for me.

    I also need a new dentist. Damn.

  3. Your bangs are the most adorable and I NEED A NEW DENTIST TOO. Have been putting off finding one since December....

  4. Your bangs look fantastic! I love them!
    Is your juicer hard to clean?? I'm really interested in getting one, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I'd be too lazy to use it because I'd be too lazy to clean it. Same reason I rarely use my food processor or even my blender...

    1. No! I made sure of that! I researched and I got one of the easier ones to clean -- you literally just rinse the basket and clean the blade with the brush that's included!!! It takes 2 minutes tops -- AND it's also dishwasher safe! (top rack) HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!