May 14, 2012

Waking up with Peggy Sue

6 a.m. Alarm.
It's early. Bed is so comfy. So warm.
I press snooze.
But it's too late. She's awake.

There's a shake. Seconds later, a wet nose in my face.
Then kisses. So many dog kisses.

I slide under the covers. Five more minutes.
She lays back down.
And it's quiet again.

6:05 a.m. Alarm.
Round two.
More kisses.
And now nudging.
And jumping.
Jumping on the bed.

Heavy sigh. I give in.
I sit up.
And there it is.
A wagging tail. Moving so fast.
Pure joy.
Because it's a new day.
Because I'm awake.
Because once again, it's time to run.

I can't help but smile.
Let's go run, Peggy Sue.

P.S. - Sending lots and lots of birthday love to my girl Alex! We've only known each other for two years (give or take) but I can't imagine my life without her friendship (or gchats). So have an absolutely happy birthday, lady. You deserve it! (I'm bringing you a cupcake at lunch.) 

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  1. I love everything about this post :) Especially Peggy Sue and her wet nose and waggy tail :) SHE'S SO COOL. AND YOU'RE SO COOL. AND OMG CUPCAKE I CAN'T WAIT (and can you take photos of my outfit? kthnx)!!!!