June 21, 2012

Summer: on repeat

I'm a very nostalgic person and as a result, I have several mini summer traditions. They all bring back different memories of  past summers and make my current summers that much more fantastic.

Watch: Blue Crush  (Senior year of high school)
Admittedly this is a very crappy movie, however, it never fails to get me pumped up for summer. It's filled with cheesy music, a tanned and ridiculously fit Kate Bosworth, and lots of half-naked people. As a 17-year-old girl, I thought this was the absolute coolest story line (surfers!) and I think my friend Shannon and I watched  it at least 20 times in two months. (That's a conservative estimate.)

Read: Summer Sisters (Junior year of high school)
I've read this book every single summer since I was 15, and there's a good chance that if we ever meet in person I will bring up this book and pressure you to read it. It pretty much changed my life and taught me a lot of interesting things ... and words. 

Eat: Watermelon (Childhood)
One of my earliest summer memories is sitting in my backyard on a super hot day, eating watermelon with my mom and brother. I remember it being glorious and simple.

Drink: Dunks' Iced Coffee (College and Jack)
I live in Boston. This stuff is everywhere. It's a fantastic hangover cure and better yet, it makes Jack SUPER happy since he hates hot weather (He's from the Midwest. And part polar bear).

Do you have any summer traditions? I'd love to add some to my list!


  1. Can we talk about Dunks' for a minute? I wanted to get my iced coffee from there today because it's amazing and cheap and the goddamn line was OUT THE DOOR. WTF. WHHYYYYY????

    1. I probably would've cried -- and then walked 3 minutes in any direction to the next DD as they're literally that close together in Boston.

  2. Hmm, I"m trying to think. . . For the last few years it's been watching True Blood during the summer. My mom went so far as to subscribe to HBO.

    1. I loved True Blood - but I'm struggling to get into these season! I've only watch the premiere -- how's it going?

  3. Dunks. And for summer? Corn on the cob. And I don't even really LIKE corn on the cob. But hot damn, I'll eat it because it's summah. It's Sandy's fave.

  4. Um I love Blue Crush! The best. It always makes me think I should leave my life and be a beach bum in Hawaii with no money but plenty of talent