July 3, 2012

Polka dots and cheetah prints {outfit}

Sunglasses: HM / Dress: Rampage / Belt: Vintage / Sneakers: Converse
Oh hey. Just rockin' more polka dots

The first time I wore this dress with these sneakers, Jack looked at me and laughed. "Does that match?" he asked. My response? "Umm. Duh."

Upon further inspection, I realize it may not "match" in the traditional sense but I think it looks pretty damn awesome regardless. Plus, someone told me I looked like Gwen Stefani. So take THAT. Not to mention the outfit was super comfortable -- a necessity when you're touring vineyards and sampling wine all day. And yes -- I'm once again I'm wearing my mom's belt from the 80s. The thing is just so versatile. And so red.

(Can you tell I'm still woozy from my trip?)


  1. So CAYOOT, love the look and love the scenery!!

  2. That looks AWESOME. Very Gwen. ;)

  3. I'm a fan. Toby's a fan. We're ALL FANS!