September 20, 2011

Apple cider doughnuts

I've never made doughnuts before but my mom used to all the time when I was kid -- and they were incredible. (We're Polish -- we're big on doughnuts -- we even have an official doughnut day.) This past weekend I decided to see if I inherited the doughnut-making gene by whipping up a batch of what I consider the quintessential fall doughnut.

I used this recipe from The New York Times and I think my favorite part of it is the apple chunks. In fact, I recommend adding more than one apple and cutting the pieces super small so that there's fruit in every bite. (Gives the illusion that these fried babies are healthy.)

I don't own a doughnut cutter (does anyone really?!) and I couldn't find one at the store when I haphazardly looked so instead I just used a regular glass for the outside and a shot glass for the doughnut hole.

(Not going to lie - I'm pretty impressed with my MacGyver-like resourcefulness.)

My first frying attempt failed miserably because not only did I not wait for the oil to get hot enough but I also put about seven donuts in the pan. Yeah -- don't do that. You end up with a soggy mess.

Luckily, I recovered from the initial mishap and successfully fried the rest of the batch before rolling the doughnuts in cinnamon and sugar.

While the final doughnuts aren't as moist as the ones you buy at apple orchards (though my lack of frying skills could potentially be to blame for that) --  they have a nice crunch to them and are perfect with a glass of apple cider or -- as boyfriend prefers  -- chocolate milk.

Looks like doughnut making didn't skip this generation!


  1. I really wished we still worked together right about now. Sigh. I guess I'll just have to test my doughnut-making skills out and try these babies out for myself :)