September 21, 2011

A lesson in {p}leather pants

Lips: Revlon 'Orange Flip'; Shirt: Urban Outfitters; Pants: H&M; Nails: Essie 'Really Red'; Bracelet: Vintage; Shoes: ShoeDazzle

When I was 14, I totally rocked pleather pants -- bell-bottom style. I wish I had a picture because they were quite the awesome pair of Mudds. I absolutely loved everything about them -- except for the fact that they caused me to sweat profusely.

Anyone who has ever worn pleather can attest to this lack of breathability, which is why I was hesitant to purchase these pants from H&M. Uncontrollable leg sweat isn't very becoming of a 25 year old. (It's not really becoming of a 14 year old either but at that age people assume you don't know any better. Now it's just sad.) However, I couldn't escape my leather-pants desire and eventually caved -- mentally preparing myself for several awkward (yet stylish) nights out.

It appears, though, pleather has come a long way in the past decade. These pants are not only comfortable but also (semi) breathable! I'm officially obsessed. They're definitely a new fall staple and I plan on pairing them with everything from basic tees to lacy tops to sequined cardigans.

I'll probably even walk the dogs in them.

Teenage Bianca would be so proud.


  1. Cute! I've been considering pulling the trigger on some leather pants but I'm concerned I couldn't wear them enough to be worth it - most of what I spend big money on tends to bemwork appropriate. I had never considered pleather! Now that I know it's not quite the sweaty mess of the past...

  2. Wowsa. I wish I had a pleather something. I'm not sure I could pull off pants, but maybe a pencil skirt?!

  3. I've got chills, they're multiplying and I'm loosing controlll!!" Love this lady turn up the heat for fall!

  4. I love love love the look of pleather but they make me so freaking sweaty I don't know what to do!

  5. Hahaha Mudd oh my god I loved that brand, haven't heard of it in so long! These look SO great on you though, perfect with those heels!

  6. Hottest dog walka this side of evaaaaah. Love them.

  7. Those are gorg, and you look super hot in them!

  8. Those are fabulous. The profuse sweating actually has a happy side effect though - slimmer thighs. :-)
    P.S. Is 33 to old to rock pleather pants? I think not.