September 26, 2011

Monday mashup: incomplete

This past weekend was hot and humid, which made for an extremely uncomfortable 18 miler Saturday morning that completely knocked me out and messed up my schedule. I spent the rest of the day rehydrating, eating carbs, and watching cheesy awesome movies instead of doing anything semi-productive.

Determined to get something accomplished, I woke up early Sunday and baked two different types of muffins (recipes tomorrow) before heading to the suburbs for craft supplies and cheap dishware. I was hoping to finish up the dining room chairs I started last week -- but the store was out of Lagoon spray paint ...  yet again. So instead I began a project from my fall to-do list  -- glitter and gold skulls a la Glitter and Goat Cheese -- but I completely misjudged the drying time and was only able to paint the top halves of the heads and veggies.


Anyone else feel like the weekend was just too short?!


  1. Wooo, thanks for the link love! Those muffins look delicious, and I love your cute stand!

  2. Thanks G&G! Got it at TJ Maxx for $12!