September 30, 2011

Technicolor running sneaks

These psychedelic New Balance 890s are my new running sneaker -- aren't they phenomenal?! I've been in a training rut this week -- dreading each run to the point of tears -- but I think these bright, glittery (yes there's glitter under the turquoise) beauties are exactly what the doctor ordered. I already took them for a spin this morning and I can't wait to further break them in this weekend! (Side note: I ordered them from late Tuesday afternoon and got them Thursday -- with free shipping. Highly recommend the site.)

Happy Friday!

P.S. - Last night's Sip and Swap was fantastic -- so fun and I can't wait to share all my finds! Thank you to The Swapaholics for hosting so a wonderful event!


  1. LOVE!! I swear I would run more if I could run in these...!

  2. Those are AMAZING. Oh my goodness.
    (Also, can I just say that it makes me feel just a little bit better about myself that running isn't always a total joy, even for people who love it? I was starting to kind of hate myself for dreading my workouts so much. BUT I hope it gets better, especially with those gorgeous shoes on your feet!)