October 14, 2011

The final long run

This was my last week of hard training before the marathon. Now all that stands before me and a (much needed) 3 week taper is a single 22 mile run. I'm so anxious and excited that I'm doing it tonight after work instead of this weekend.

It's a very bittersweet moment. While I'm ready to ease up and let my body recover, the fact that my next long run will be in New York City scares me a tad.

Before now I always had a buffer of another run. One more chance to figure out the fueling, the clothing, the pacing. If something went wrong, it was OK: There was always next week.


Sure, I still I have plenty of miles to go before November 6 -- tapering isn't all food and sleep -- but all the runs are less than 13 miles. It's not the same.

I may or may not be freaking out. Just slightly.

For my own Jack's sanity, I hope this final run goes well. Beyond well.

Wish me luck!  

P.S. - I'm thinking of wearing glitter and sequined ribbon in my ponytail for the race. Thoughts?


  1. Bianca! A marathon! This is so exciting! As an avid non-runner (tee hee) I am so impressed by those who can train for these long runs. It's really incredible what your body can do. I know you will rock this! And yes, glitter and sequins sounds just about perfect :)

  2. Aww, thanks Kristen! The closer I get to the day, the more nervous I become. But I'm also super excited!

  3. Bianca!!! I am so proud and excited for you!!!! Go for the bow, it was keep you sparkly!!

  4. I didn't realize there was another language for runners -- tapering? fueling? what? -- which is awesome, but I do understand the words "glitter and sequined ribbon" and I say YES, DEFINITELY. Good luck, B! You're going to be awesome, obviously!

  5. Congratulations... all of your hard work is about to pay off! And yes, you MUST wear a sparkly ribbon in your hair!

  6. If you don't wear glitter, I'll be supremely disappointed. See your awesomesauce running self tomorrow!!