February 1, 2012

Frugal February

{Adorable piggy bank via Target}
I've recently become obsessed with LearnVest -- an online budget management website similar to mint.com but geared towards women (so it's way prettier). Featured in this month's Marie Claire, LV is a a fantastic tool for tracking your spending (with color-coded folders) and it also has advice from financial experts -- including articles on shopping (how to resist sales, why online shopping is dangerous, etc.), investing, and pretty much everything else I've ever wanted to know about my moneyz.

My absolute favorite free feature is the 15-day Get Out of Debt bootcamp. You guys, this is SO good. In addition to daily "To-Do's" to get control of your spending stat, they also have great tips-- like how to successfully negotiate for a lower APR on your CC (which I did!). I'm only on Day 5 but I feel more in control of my finances than I have in a long time (probably since I had an adorable piggy bank*).

So in an effort to make the most out of my new found love of budgeting, I've decided to be super frugal for the month February (naturally I pick the shortest month of the year).

What exactly does this mean?

Basically -- no CVS. Seriously that drugstore's beauty section is my weakness -- it's a huge problem. I'm not even going to let myself walk into the store for an entire month. It also means no trips to the local coffee shop after lunch since I don't just buy a latte -- I also get a cookie or a cupcake. If my math is correct, these two little things could save me an embarrassingly large amount of money. Oh and clothes. No clothing or accessory or shoe purchases -- regardless of how great the sale is.

So ... we'll see. I'll keep you updated on how it goes. (Gulp.)

Any advice out there for how to save/tackle debt/not go to CVS? 

*Sidebar: I just remembered I had a piggy bank with hand-painted cherries on it as a kid. It was ceramic and you had to break it with a hammer to get your money. After collecting change for, like, EVER (i.e., a month), I decided I wanted my money and broke into it. And then I cried because my piggy bank was ruined. Not going to lie -- I'm slightly sad right now thinking about it. The end. 

Oh and in case you're wondering -- no one paid me to say nice things about LV. I am legitimately so excited about a financial-planning website that I decided to share it with everyone. You're welcome.


  1. YAY LV AND SAVING MONEYZZZ! Fingers crossed we're out of debt in a flash :)

    And we will not go to CVS on Saturday. And we can make our own fun drinks. Like we're our own coffee shop :)

    1. I have a milk frother and I've been hearing about things like "almond milk with honey" in coffee ...

      Our coffee shop is going to be WAY better.

  2. I had a plastic Keroppi piggy bank. Remember him? He was Hello kitty's frog friend. Anyway, I have no advice for avoiding CVS- that place is the biggest money suck next to Target.

    I'm going to check out Learnvest. but unless they can physically pry my debit card out of my hand and block forever21.com on all my computers, I don't know if they can help...

    1. That they sadly can not do HOWEVER they can help you save in other areas of your life so you have more moneyz for Forever!