March 5, 2012

Monday mashup: cuddles and comforts

It was a gray and dreary weekend in Boston -- perfect for resting with Peggy Sue, baking this month's alcohol-infused cupcakes (recipe post tomorrow!) and indulging in this mac and cheese. I did have to leave the house for a few hours Sunday to take some photos for work, and while it was chilly and blah out, Alex and I managed to have some fun walking the streets of Beacon Hill, lusting after brownstones, and taking pictures of the ducklings in St. Patrick's Day hats.

Not pictured but I also retired my rainbow New Balance sneakers after a 10 mile run in the rain Saturday. I'm sad to see these babies go as they were my marathon shoe but it was time. And my new sneaks are pretty awesome. Yes. That was random. It's Monday.


  1. I spy with my little eye my Kindle about to fall out of my pocket. Whoops. MAC AND CHEESE NOM NOM.

    1. I was a little slow-moving and thinking yesterday but I just realized -- OMG YOU'RE POCKETS ARE MASSIVE TO HOLD YOUR KINDLE!