March 3, 2012

Only a matter of time (Frugal February recap)

Come to me.
Frugal February is officially over and I'm proud to say I stuck to my frugal goals: I didn't waste any money at CVS or at coffee shops and I made all my lunches and dinners. This (and my tax return) allowed me to pay off my high-interest credit card. Since I never ever thought that day would come, I was inspired to do some number crunching and see what else a drugstore diet could do for me. Well it turns out that if I keep up my frugal(ish) ways through the month of March (and with a little Christmas help from Jack), I'll  finally be able to afford a Nikon D3100. I'm so pumped! I've literally been lusting for this for more than a year. (Timehop has the proof.) I'm being a little bit more lax this month since I'm in desperate need of some beauty basics but I'm still going to make my lunches and dinners, forgo lattes, and not buy clothes.

Eek!! I can't wait until April 1!


  1. wow this are great intentions, I am sure the camara is gonna be so worth it.. I need a good camara too.... might check this one out :) x Marina

  2. Ahhh so excited for you girl! Paying off a credit card is MA-jor! Keep it up

  3. I'm so excited for you! YAYAY CAMERA!!!!

  4. That's awesome girl! Saving money kind of sucks at first, but then once you start reaching goals you realize how awesome it is...kind of like eating healthy, it pays off in the end!