March 2, 2012

Sprinkles of fun

Last weekend, I made a Funfetti cake for my best friend's birthday. Actually, I made a Funfetti cake AND a tres leches cake since it wasn't just a party -- it was a fiesta. And while the tres leches was muy delicioso, in terms of looks, the Funfetti took the ... umm .. cake. To create this colorful masterpiece, I literally just tossed every type of sprinkle and colored sugar I had on top of the frosting. And that was that.

Happy weekend!


  1. Everything is better with sprinkles! That cake looks so fun!

  2. ok bitch, get out of my head. i've been drooling over funfetti for weeks now but i haven't had all the fixins to make it from scratch. i must do that this weekend!

    1. Definitely do! This one isn't from scratch but I have done that before and it's WAY tastier.

  3. Umm that cake looks delicious, you're NEVER too old for funfetti! And I'm pretty sure sprinkles make everything better :)

  4. This may or may not be the most beautiful cake I have ever seen.... wantwantwant!