April 11, 2012

A happy kitchen

Fresh flowers and fruit.
Baked goods. (Popovers + heart shaped tins)
A shelf for cookbooks and  my polka dot teapot.
My kitchen may not be the prettiest thing to look at -- it's outdated and pieces of duct tape are holding up a few of the cabinets (so classy) -- but it's got the necessities (and a dishwasher!), which makes it my happy place.


  1. A dishwasher makes you a winner in my book. Plus your kitchen is big! With lots of space for boxes for Lou...

  2. This is VERY true. Lou's area's are quite important!

  3. I love your tulips and your heart-shaped popovers! Also, you just reminded me how badly I want a cookbook shelf in the kitchen -- I hate having to go into another room to get them!! So jealous!