May 31, 2012

Book club

I absolutely love book club. It's quintessential girl time and it's the best. Plain and simple.

We always ALWAYS have so much fun -- chitchatting, eating cupcakes, and drinking wine. If the book sucks, we don't discuss it at length but that's fine by us --  we're mostly there for the company (and wine -- book club stereotypes are true). And while we didn't all know each other in the beginning, we mesh perfectly. It's quite incredible. I leave each meeting with the biggest smile on my face and a million times happier.

If you have the opportunity to join a book club, I highly recommend it. It will definitely brighten up your week!

Oh and in case you're interested, the next book we're reading is Summer Sister by Judy Blume. It's one of my favorite books of all time -- I've read it every single summer since I was 14 -- and in my opinion, it's the only way to kickoff the season.  


  1. Our book club is the bomb. FOR REALZ.

  2. I LOVE THIS. Book club makes my heart full. Just sayin'.