May 29, 2012

Boston Street Style

Full picture here
A few weeks back, I was featured on Boston Street Style -- a ridiculously awesome new blog you just have to check out. Gorgeous photos and a gorgeous design, I'm completely obsessed with it. I always knew Boston was a pretty stylish city but blog-creator and graphic designer extraordinaire Krista has a real eye for picking out the true gems.(I'm beyond flattered she stopped me. This HM coat was really the best purchase EVER.)

In other news, I know I've been kind of random lately but I'm just getting my footing on a few things and figuring some other things out. Yeah, I know that's obnoxiously cryptic but it's better than saying I'm a lazy bum.


  1. Of course she stopped you! Love it. Good luck with. . . whatever! ;)

  2. Clearly she stopped you because you rock brights like NO other :) And because you so stylish!

  3. Love this look! And thanks for introducing me to a new blog!