June 13, 2012

Dogs! For adoption!

I recently started helping put together the bi-monthly newsletters for Companion Pet Rescue and Transport -- an incredible volunteer organization that saves more than 2,500 pups each year. These people are seriously the BESTand have some of the cutest, sweetest, most adorable dogs around (Little Greg and Peggy Sue were two of their rescues -- read that story here.) They have dogs of every shape, size, age, etc. and are fantastic at pairing you up with the perfect dog! If you're considering adopting a pup -- or if you just like looking at pictures of super cute dogs and reading some incredible survivor and rescue stories -- sign up for their newsletters and like them on Facebook. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. It's total cuteness overload.

All the dogs pictured above are up for adoption! Click a name to learn (and see) more!
Bottom row: PeteyMilliePrim | Chesney

See all CPR dogs on Petfinder.com.

And a quick PSA:  Please don't ever buy a dog. Even from a reputable breeder. There are thousands upon thousands of dogs out there -- including purebred puppies -- that need a home and are put to sleep because there isn't enough room in shelters. Don't contribute to the problem -- rescue a dog. You will be their hero for life. Promise. 


  1. I want them all. Help me convince Craig this is a good idea...

  2. This is so great! Our dog Lola is a rescue and I've volunteered at the Humane Society in all the different cities we've lived in and I couldn't agree more...there are so many dogs that need good homes, a rescue is the way to go! :)

  3. Also, that dog Penny? Second from the left on the top row? I WANT HER. If only I didn't live on the other side of the country...hopefully all these cuties find homes quickly!

    1. Well they do transport ;) - though I'm not sure if to Tahoe...hahaha

      Lola would be such a wonderful big sister.